Internet Internet - Information on personal data processing

Information on personal data processing

  1. Controller of your personal data is: Jacek Kowalski, ul. Karmelicka 100, 34-100 Wadowice, Poland
  2. You can contact controller via post or email
  3. Controller processes the following personal information:
    Type Data Basis Usage Retention
    Contract data name, surname, installation address, posting address, email, telephone number art. 6(1)(b)
    contractual requirement
    art. 6(1)(c)
    legal requirement
    art. 6(1)(f)
    legitimate interest
    service installation, preparation and execution of contract, pursuing claims around 3 years after the contract termination (period of limitation per art. 118 of Polish Civil Code)
    Contact data envelope address, email, telephone number, contents of messages and conversation records service and claims management, sending correspondence
    Banking data account number, account owner details accepting payments and sending refunds up to 6 years after appropriate tax period ends
    (art. 86 § 1 of Polish Tax Ordinance)
    Invoice details name, surname, address, tax identifier invoicing, tax settlement
    Identifying data name, surname, PESEL or number of identification document, data out of companies register art. 6(1)(c)
    legal requirement
    art. 60b of Polish Telecommunications Act
    (identifying user)
    12 months after contract termination
    (art. 180a par. 1 pt. 1 of Polish Telecommunications Act)
    Transmission data assigned and used addresses, connection source and destination, connection time art. 6(1)(c)
    legal requirement
    art. 180a of Polish Telecommunications Act
    (connection data retention)
    12 months
    (art. 180a par. 1 pt. 1 of Polish Telecommunications Act)
    Statistical data bandwidth usage, connection metadata (source/destination address/port, packet type, packet flags), amount of data sent/received art. 6(1)(c)
    legal requirement
    art. 175, 175c of Polish Telecommunications Act
    (ensuring security and integrity of network)
    for the time required to fulfill obligations, no longer than a year
    art. 6(1)(f)
    legitimate interest
    monitoring network quality and preparing upgrades, failure remediation no longer than a year
  4. Personal data is not profiled.
  5. Transmission and statistical data may be used for automated decision-making solely to fulfill the legal obligation of ensuring security and integrity of the network (art. 175, 175c of Polish Telecommunications Act). If generated traffic impedes correct functioning of the network, it might be automatically blocked. Provider will inform the customer of such action via email, SMS and/or phone, providing cause and possible remediation actions and contact data for customer service.
  6. Required personal information might be passed over solely to execute the agreement of fulfill obligations, i.e.:
    • to postal services provider – to send correspondence,
    • to subcontractors – we might pass address to the company who will do the installation,
    • to accounting company – data necessary for invoicing and billing,
    • to banks – data necessary to process refunds,
    • to authorized entities – when receiving legally binding request (i.e. to the police or public prosecutor).
  7. Person whose data is processed has a right to access one's data, correct it, demand restriction of processing or erasure of data, and to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – president of Polish Data Protection Office.